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Window Film

Creating a professional and aesthetic atmosphere in an office setting can be tricky. Decorative window film offers a simple and professional approach to customizing your interior office space. This application has many benefits that can be used to enhance your work space in a variety of unique ways. We offer our clients an affordable option to customize their office space with the decorative window film of their choice. Contact us today and choose from hundreds of designs!



Privacy vs Elegance

Frosted window film offers the perfect balance between privacy and elegance. While hindering the view from outside, frosted films allow you to give you office the unique look you're after. 


Where your space lacks originality, frosted films can transform your space from boring to exciting! Customize your frost with company logos or mantras and give your staff a reason to come to work everyday. 


Studies have proven that employees work better in office environments that are comfortable and visually motivating. Why would anyone want to work in a boring office anyway?


Frosted window film offers endless possibilities for your commercial office building that not only you, but your employees will benefit from!




Professional Installation

Decorative Film Installation Tampa FL..j

Film Solutions has a tight-knit team of independent professional installers that have years of experience installing all types window films. Our hand selected team has earned official certifications from select manufacturers along with accreditation's through the International Window Film Association (IWFA), so you can be sure to get a flawless install every time. 


Film Solutions is proud to provide Florida quality window film solutions.


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