Since 2014, Film Solutions LLC has focused on providing high quality commercial and residential window film solutions. Film Solutions is comprised of a tight-knit team of independents that are dedicated, hard-working consultants and installers. Film Solutions and its affiliates offer over 30 years of combined experience in the window film industry. 
With connections to the industry's leading window film manufacturers, we offer our clients top quality window film and commercial graphic solutions. We offer a price match guarantee on comparable products when a written estimate from a competitor is provided. For top quality products, reliable manufacture backed warranties at a great price call us today. 
Notable projects Film Solutions has been a part of include:
  • United States Geological Surveying Building, Reston VA. 100,000 square feet of solar film

Completed over 30k square feet of project

  •  Virginia Cavaliers Football Stadium

2000+ square feet of solar film

  • Ohio Health Hospital

 10,000 square feet of exterior film application with  edge seal. 

  • Ohio State Financial and Insurance Company

10000+ square feet of solar film

  • Executive Office Building, Wash. D.C.

1500+ square feet of security film

  • Oak Hills Ohio School District

10000 + square feet of solar 

  • Department of Homeland Security Building (Atlanta, Ga.)

Installed 1200+ square feet of SafetyShield security film and Frame Guard attachment system

Nathan George founded Film Solutions LLC. in 2014. As a young entrepreneur he had always dreamed of owning his own business. While attending Florida State University in 2005, a professor lined him up with a summer job involving a state of the art window film product backed by simple science. Nathans' entrepreneurial spirit saw an opportunity of a lifetime. In 2006, Nathan opened his first window film company and began honing his window film installation skills in the Southeast.


Since then, Nathan has earned certifications in multiple areas, is an accredited member of the International Window Film Association (IWFA) and is one of two dealers that sit on the IWFA Executive Board.


Certifications and accreditations include:


  • IWFA Solar Control Film Specialist Accreditation

  • IWFA Advanced Solar Control Film Specialist Accreditation

  • IWFA Safety and Security Window Film Specialist Accreditation

  • EM 385-1-1 Hazard Recognition 16-Hour (Army Corp of Engineers Safety Standards) OSHA Training Center/ American Safety Council                       

  • Construction Quality Management

  • Certified MADICO SafetyShield Dealer / Installer since 2006 (Charlotte, N.C.)

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    The following prohibitions are in effect at all times when an employee is at work, on Film Solutions LLC. premises, operating a Film Solutions LLC. vehicle, or attending a Film Solutions LLC. function at which the employee performs services or functions on behalf of Film Solutions LLC..
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